Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crochet Ying Yang Bag Update

The crochet ying yang bag is near completion.  I stopped on it earlier tonight to work on other projects.  The only part left is the strap.  I'm going to make it pretty long with a single crochet edge around.  It will be embellished with polymer clay ying yang buttons (after I make them).

I also made more....you guessed it, more flowers.  I had some pink tags I had made some time ago that go great with the pink baby hats and hair bows I had been making. Completely and utterly addictive.


Chita said...

OMG, that's lovely! I love this yin-yan purse, it would perfectly suits to my jeans jacket!

Kreative's Krafts said...

It is still available! It got a lot of interest but no buyers at the show. The swirl hats stole the show!