Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Completed Projects

Red, yellow, black and green will abound among my projects.  I finished a crochet bag over a week ago using the pink ribbed pattern with these colors.  It is an eye catcher...I'm just debating on how long the strap should be.

I have been very busy making earrings this week.  My 3 main series have been my focus: the soft elegance, divinity, and queens.  I've made quite a few Mocha Queens and Red Queens and a host of soft elegance.  I'm debating how I feel about the Divinity series.  I need more feedback than my children's enthusiastic "I like it!" proclamations.

 I love the Red Divinity.  The beads are made from polymer clay that has been painted and glazed in red, copper, and gold tones.  This pair is very similar to the Red Queen earrings.  The face beads are signature in most of my crochet earrings pieces.  I'm seeing this series in a variety of colors and I'll more than likely stick with neutral tones for the center bead.  I am torn with the Blue Divinity.  I love the blue beads with their silver highlights combined with the royal blue and black.  I was aiming for something different and this does indeed fit the bill.  Paired with the right look, these have great potential.

My next piece in the Divinity series would be a pink and chocolate variation.

I've seen earrings similar to these online and wanted to try a pair for myself.  I had been wondering for the longest what to do with the beautiful turquoise crochet thread I had and this venture cried out for it.  I love the way they came out and can definitely see a pair in pink.

Soft Elegance in a beautiful yellow hue.  I can see these paired with a short and flirty summer dress and light sandals.  I've been contemplating color combinations for the soft elegance but will probably keep it at solid colors with bead embellishments.

These earrings are unique and an eye-catcher.  I made them some time ago and they always draw curious looks and laughs whenever I set up.  They were formerly keyrings that I remade into earrings.

I love the face pendants and beads, especially this set I made some time ago.  It resembles stone with soft gradations and I mistakenly glazed them...they were better unglazed.  It is a beautiful set.