Monday, June 28, 2010

Crochet Ying Yang Bag WIP

Well diagramming wasn't working for me so I just decided to wing it.  I wanted to make a bag with the Ying Yang symbol crocheted into it rather than added as an applique, similar to what I did for the Africa tote.  The problem I had with the Africa tote were the stray ends after I had connected the new colors and cut them off.  They were everywhere!  I found a solution!  I now crochet the stray ends into the piece and instead of cutting them off, I leave them and weave them in as they are needed.  Sounds confusing?  Well I have pictures.  I did this entire bag in herringbone half double crochet, which is my staple for all bags that are not totes or mesh.  It is worked in the round and up with a 5 mm hook.

 This was how I started.  I left the strands for all three colors attached the entire time.  Previously I was cutting them off as soon as I was done with them and reattaching, which of course left a bunch of stray ends all over the place.  I started this last night.

I had no idea how this was going to turn out.  I knew from diagramming that getting a perfect circle was going to be a challenge so I opted for a diamond.  I just went with the flow and hoped it worked out at this point.

This is the inside.  I just weaved them in as I doubled around the second time.  This made for a more seamless transition.

The completed ying yang symbol (almost).  I am eager to see the end.  I am still deciding how the strap should go.  I am happy with these results so far.  I have a mold I made some time ago for a ying yang symbol so there will definitely be some buttons and embellishments for it.  The inside is a lot more refined also.

 The other side.  So far this is still a work in progress.  I will post the rest later.


that1girl said...

never seen a diamond ying yang symbol before. great job. i hate color work because of all the switching and ends.

Kreative's Krafts said...

Me neither but that's just how it worked out. Now that I have found an easier way to switch the ends I don't mind it as much. Wait until my next project...colorwork to another level.