Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Purse pattern

I came across this pattern by The Crochet Dude that I just have to try.  Naturally being contrary to a degree, I am not starting this in pink. I have some Caron Simply Soft in plum and bone...I am starting with the bone first since I have it handy.  I will post my progress as it comes.  I am a big fan of The Crochet Dude.  For one I think it is great to see a guy in the fray.  I am showing my seven year old son how to crochet along with my nine year old stepdaughter.  They want instant finished products...I guess you can't expect much patience for those ages.  My seventeen year old niece decided to pick up the hook and is now working on her first scarf.  She came for the holiday...I wish I had taken a picture of her progress.  She'll probably be writing patterns the next time I see her.  Now for the pattern.  Naturally I will probably not follow the pattern directly as given.  I am not a fan of the strap so I am already concocting ideas for resolving that.  Also I will probably not have it come up as far on the sides and would probably make it deeper.
I have already started on the bottom ribbing which is really neat.  I am doing it with just one strand of the bone and I'll line the inside when it is complete.  Also my eyes see the flower part as more of a button enclosure with a strap that loops around the middle portion and either clasps or buttons into place.  Considering I don't even have half of the bottom finished at this point it is too early to say for sure and certain where I will end up.  Then again, that is the fun part of it all.

I must comment on my weekend ventures.  I set up at a local vendor's market on Sunday.  This was the perfect weekend to sell your wares with the holiday and all.  I received a lot of compliments (and sales!) on my crochet items and cultural jewelry, even a few drawing and crochet commissions.  My biggest surprise came from the sale of my first tote (see below).  I originally created it to be a grocery bag (my attempt at going green); however, it ended up holding more of my thread crochet yarn than groceries. It was made all in one piece with the handles connected at the top.  The buyer was over the moon about it and believe it or not it looked as though it were made for her.  In addition to the purse above, I am working on a commission of the Rasta hat, earring, and scarf combo + purse--not listed.  Everyone loved my crochet earring designs and I am encouraged even more that the Crafty Feast event I will be participating in (July 4th) will be a very successful one!

 My mom told me to make another tote.  This took awhile to complete and three skeins of yarn (268 yards a skein).  Once my schedule has cleared I will definitely make another one.  This is from a pattern I modified to my own liking that I have lost track of.  I have a few more pictures I can gauge from and recreate it in.

I am working on a pattern for my crochet swirl hats.  The design is a favorite and looks very professional.

I will post my progress in later posts.