Thursday, October 28, 2010

October Update


Okay I have been a little lazy as of late.  Well not lazy as much as preoccupied.  I've been diving pretty heavy into my art which leaves little time for crochet.

I have been working on an idea to sell my surplus of soaps.  I have crocheted a few cotton washcloths and face scrubbies which I have tied neatly with a ribbon to a bar of soap.  They look really nice and at $5 a pop I'm sure they will sell nicely.   I will have to post the pictures later.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Face Scrubbies Pattern and other projects (pictures later)


Is it fair to say I used a pattern if I just followed the way the item looked and recreated it?  I'll just say I used a pattern...I'm fairly certain I got it right without it anyway.  I wanted to see if there was any validity to the face scrubbies phenomenon I kept coming across inadvertently while surfing the net.  I bought a pretty pink and white Lily's cotton yarn skein and set to work.  Of course I had to try them out and they work wonderfully.  I've heard some folks were making them out of acrylic yarn because it isn't as water friendly as cotton so it wouldn't hold microbes and things as much.  Well that's why you wash them folks.  I can't imagine purposefully putting acrylic yarn (with water no less) against my already temperamental facial skin.

I like these.  Would I sell them?  Eh...if someone wants some I'd just as soon put a free pattern up than go through the trouble.  Well why don't I then?  I could not find the picture/pattern that inspired this and I've made some changes anyway, true to form.  It's so simple it doesn't warrant anything much anyway...I've made coasters similar to this.

1 skein Lily's & Cream cotton yarn color of your choice
5(H) mm crochet hook

Start with a magic circle.

Chain 3 (counts as first DC) and DC 11 times into circle.  Pull taunt and SS into top chain of chain 3.

Chain 3 and DC into same stitch.  2 DC into each stitch around.  SS into top chain of chain 3.

Chain 1.  *Skip 1 stitch and DC five times into next DC.  Skip 1 stitch and sc into next stitch.*  Repeat from * to * five more times.  SS into beginning chain 1.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

See that was simple.

So since that was waaayyyyy too simple for me I decided to make some Tunisian crochet face scrubbies.  The textures created by this process would be great for the removal of make up.  I don't wear make up so I can't really test that but from my own observations I've seen plenty of folks who look like they really work up a sweat to get that stuff off of their faces.  So I created one made from pink and white twists Lily's yarn.  The yarn looks better on the skein in my opinion...dreadfully misleading but it will do.  Then I made one alternating jute and white.  The kids were far more entertained than I was.  Now this pattern is available here.  I just used fewer stitches and a smaller hook (4.25).  Now I was too lazy to look up the pattern while I was doing it so I had to go from memory and ended up using fewer starting stitches on the bigger one and a smaller hook (5 mm).  It's like a mini clothlet.

Well I will be using these two projects to show my class of newbie crocheters different unique techniques such as crocheting in the round and Tunisian crochet...they will have to pay extra to get the really fancy Tunisian stitches though.  The big project will be the scarf from my previous post.  I refuse to show them things that won't be functional for some purpose.  I'm working on more creative things now and debating a hat for the folks who want to join me for two classes.

My first class on October 5th was a success!  I forgot how long it takes to get started with crochet.  It's just getting accustomed to holding the hook and getting the right amount of tension and give with the yarn.  Thing is everyone was crocheting when the class was over and that was my goal.  I covered chains, slip stitches, single crochet, and double crochet.  Once they have those down that's where the fun begins!

I'll post updates with pictures later.  My next class is on October 19th.