Monday, June 14, 2010

Artfire Finds!

While perusing artfire (so much easier to find what I want there than etsy), I came across some fabulous finds!  (All images are copyrighted to their creators/owners who are linked below).

 Isn't this beautiful!  I love delicate and intricate crochet work and this piece has the best of both worlds.  This is from Julee H. Lee on Artfire and she follows no pattern or design in particular which only adds to her beautiful work!  She does custom pieces also.  Her work is my present inspiration!

 THere is nothing like nice, light crochet work!  The pattern is available here by lprjogo on artfire!  I'm simply amazed she has not made more sales from her beautiful patterns.  This one has caught my fancy in particularly.  Not only is the style (the empire waist and spring color) flattering and it is lightweight and very flirty.

This is beyond cute!  This little bag was created by Lanee's Crochet and although the pattern is familiar, the colors make this little bag really stand out!  The flower is detachable and I can see it being added as an addition to a headband also.

You rarely see crochet earrings that are not in the common "round" shape.  I am guilty of this also...but who doesn't love hoops?  Well Lanee's Crochet has responded with a vehement "NO!" to this common trend with these beautiful triangle crochet earrings!  I am duly impressed.  I had been trying to think of other alternatives for the longest even as far as bending my own wire.  Very impressive to say the least!

 I have a love-hate relationship with wire crochet.  I love the look and hate that I can't do it!  My attempts at crocheting wire have resulted in minute cuts, poked fingers and sad, awkwardly bent 24 - 28 gauge wire. Obviously Cat's Wire on artfire has gotten it right!  This piece caught my attention right away.  She combines a delicate and intricate silver wire crocheted around a beautiful fossilized coral.  I find this piece to be simply phenomenal and reminds me of the most beautiful artwork you could ever find:  those works created by nature.

What I love about polymer clay is its versatility.  This is beyond play dough folks.  Polymer clay can mimic stone and create some fantastic jewelry pieces (making it a new fav for hobbyists) and HobbyTimeDesign has definitely made a positive impression with her beautiful works!  She incorporates a mica shift technique in the piece to the left which is just beautiful paired with that frog (I love frogs by the way).  Click here to see more of this crafter's beautiful work!

Well I am bidding artfire adieu for now!  I am a member of a variety of sites and will update now and then on the beautiful work I find on them.