Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Earrings

I have more earrings that I have created in preparation for the Crafty Feast Freedom Festival.

This set was made from speckled stone beads and wood beads that were once part of a bracelet.
Domino Earrings.  Ever tried poking a hole through hard plastic?  Three drill tips later I had success.

African dot printed beaded earrings

Crochet Rasta dangle earrings in large size and small size.   The small circles are dime sized and the larger circles are quarter sized.

A vintage style crochet pin I made some time ago.  It was one of my first thread crochet projects and I've been hooked ever since.  The stone came from a necklace I had bought at a local flea market (and taken apart).  It is a beautiful delicate piece with a nice dainty and vintage feel to it.

Soft Elegance in black earrings with African print beads.

I made these awhile back and was uncertain how I felt about the pair.  My niece really liked them.  She had commandeered the pink elegance earrings over the Memorial Day weekend and thought I was crazy for not even showing these during setups.  The thread is a beautiful copper tone with wooden beads.  See my niece wearing them here.

Pink elegance soft crochet earrings.

  I am going to devote the remainder of the week to larger projects such as the swirl cap and scarf set (one variation shown) and purselets.  It's been awhile since I made a swirl cap.  I have yet to make the scarf the same.  This was my first (and last) skinny scarf (I'm not a fan of skinny scarves).  I was limited on the scarf because I didn't have much yarn left.  This entire ensemble takes one skein of 6 oz Caron Simply Soft.  I made this cap in autumn red (caron simply soft) for the winter and got compliments everywhere I went.  It fits somewhere between a beret and a tam (mostly tam) so it accommodates long and short hair nicely.  It was inspired by this pattern.  I've made some changes from his original concerning stitches and overall design but not too terribly significant (just overlook the stitching pattern lines and lack of brim and use of different yarn and larger hook size).
 UPDATE: I do have an idea for a bag that I am going to make as soon as I can.  This will be an original pattern so if I'm not too excited I'll write down my steps and take pictures of my progress.  If I get carried away, I'll just post the results and a rough overview of what I did.