Thursday, June 3, 2010

Purse completed

I completed the purse pattern from the previous post last night and am presently working (and almost finished) on a tote.  Pictures of that are coming later but it is a complete freelance project that I have come up with to jazz up (and consequently aggravate myself in the process) my crochet work.

Anywho this is what I did.  First I changed the stitch.  It is written in single crochet so I switched it over to one of my favorite stitches, the herringbone half double crochet.  The edging is still done in single crochet.  This bag only measures nine inches wide at the bottom versus the original pattern's 14 inches.  I wanted some mini bamboo handles; however, being without my wants, I improvise as always.  I had some white sculpey  that I tinted with some caramel colored alcohol inks and rolled into circles and baked.  I made a small strap...I couldn't imagine this bag with a large strap.  Now the only thing left is the decoration.  Flower or polymer clay creation?  I am rather pleased with this mini purse and may make another one.

Okay now back to my tote.  I am recreating the tote from the previous post.  I am alternating the colors and attempting to put the map of Africa into the design.  Changing yarn keeps me interested but I have to admit it is quite a task.  I started it last night and I anticipate being finished by morning.  The last tote took me over a week to complete so this is definitely an improvement.  I will post pictures of my progress probably tomorrow.