Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!


It is the beginning of another year.  December was a busy month that I spent mostly focusing on family.

Now it's time to regain my focus.  I have been working on crochet hats.  Here is a collection of all I have done in the past two weeks:

Earth toned crochet visor cap.  I have redesigned my previous earth toned slouch cap with this more streamlined unisex version.  The brim is firmer with a plastic canvas insert and is very attractive.  This is now for sale on my artfire

 My daily hat of choice is this red crochet cap with a little slouch and a button visor brim.  Love it.

I made this shawl as a gift for a family friend.  I made it in three days and as of yet still haven't had the opportunity to give it to her yet.  The button is a beautiful, elegant pearlized button.

I made this white and gray visor cap for my husband.

This is a gray and black visor cap I made for my husband.

White and Taupe Visor Cap is now for sale on my artfire

For the Gamecock fans!  Black and garnet visor cap.  Now for sale on my artfire

This hat was made out of merino wool.  I like it but it was a little tight.  I gave it to my stepdaughter and it is super cute on her.