Sunday, July 18, 2010

What I've Been Up To...

I've been really busy this past week working on hats!  I am going to follow up with the store to see how the swirl hats and earrings are doing.  Based on the Crafty Feast I know there is a local market for the swirl slouch hats so I made a few more.  I have four now and presently working on number five.  The autumn red and soft grey sold at the Feast so I made more of those as well as brown and a beautiful color that's like a brown heather.  My next one is going to be a soft yellow.

I've also been working on rasta tams.  The tan and red one has a draw string with cowrie shells on the end.  It took soe doing but I also crocheted a map of Africa into the back.  It is my favorite for the moment and I will likely keep it for myself.  I have enough yarn to make another probably won't have the map though.  I'll just do stripes.

This is my Jamaica tam hat.  I crocheted the map of Jamaica into the back.  The green kind of disappears in the map but it is there (forgive me for the camera phone images).

This is a rasta tam hat I completed.

This is a rasta swirls hat I completed.

I'm working on color combinations for the rasta tams.

Eventually these will make their way to my online store but presently I would like to work on selling in local venues.


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