Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Earth Toned Slouch Cap - Complete

I completed this Sunday and it is now for sale on my new artfire store!  Ironically enough as often as I frequent artfire, I had yet to set up an account until now.  It is by far one of the easiest sites to set up and get started with.Anywho, I am working on building the artfire store and will make that my primary site for listing my items.I really like how this hat came out and will be making some similar ones.  I want to try other color combinations also.  These pictures came out much better with my fuji camera. I completed this warm yellow soft swirls slouch cap Sunday also.  It is for sale in my artfire shop.

I've done this hat in a number of colors and this (in my opinion) is one of the prettiest results.  It's light and summery and yet warm enough for the fall...the all around choice for nearly year-round wear.  Last year I wore out my autumn red version and got compliments everywhere I went. 

 A tribute to my alma mater, Columbia College....tiny koalas!

  The Crafty Feast was coming up and I had finished everything except the face of a little koala I had made. I bought my yarn and such to work on it during the event but guess what? A little girl scooped it up and bought it before I had the chance. She absolutely adored it just as it was and I've been making them that way ever since.  It is in a few of the pictures from this post.  They are adorable and addictive.  If I don't watch it I am going to be overrun with mini koalas...the kids don't seem to mind though.

Well until next time :-).