Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Projects

I heard a few rumbles today but no rain!  I took advantage of the sun while I could and took a few pictures of my projects.

First up...the blanket.  I decided to change the hook on the afghan from 3.75 to 5 mm.  It may have been premature as there is now an actual ripple to the afghan and it won't lay flat anymore.

I am debating whether to keep this or FROG it and follow up with a 4.25 mm hook instead.  To give an idea to the size of it so far, the drum is 12 inches high and about eight inches in diameter across the top.

I completed this beautiful periwinkle/country blue swirls slouch cap.  I am looking forward to the cooler weather to start wearing these hats.  I got compliments everywhere I went last year.  This one is for sale in my artfire store.  I have these now in a variety of colors. 

I experimented with a basic single crochet hat to come up with this beanie below.  I changed the stitch and added a brim and have placed the pattern for sale in my artfire store.  I am still a newbie at writing patterns; however, this one won't cause any headaches :-).

I've been working on some little things.  Some keychains and crochet flowers from this post

The pretty blue yarn left over from the swirls hat made a cute little keychain purse.  I used this as an opportunity to review complementary colors with the kiddies.  I have the biggest collection of crochet keychain items you'd ever see...the ultimate go to projects.  Also you never know when an event will come up.  I like having a lot of small things.

That's all for now!