Friday, July 23, 2010

Crochet Baby Blanket/Afghan

I call this my "project between projects."  I don't do a lot of baby items usually.  Some time ago I bought this big ball of super soft sport weight baby yarn.  I had an idea for a baby gift basket that never quite made it into fruition.  Well I did have a goal to do a blanket for some time; however, most blankets are rectangle shaped.  Boring.  There's only but so many colors you can stick on a rectangle to keep it interesting in my opinion (although in the future I will challenge this).  Then I came across this pattern: the 9-pointed star round ripple pattern for an afghan.  Well this changes things.  It was begging to be made so I have started it.  It will make a great blanket for a boy or a girl...whenever I get done with it.  I'll post the updates periodically.  For once I am sticking to a pattern...a rare thing likely to never be seen again.

This is about seven rows into it.  It works up really quick and easy but I am taking my time with it.  I'm working it with a smaller hook (3.75) and it will have a lot of drape to it once it is finished since the yarn is so lightweight.  Like I said, it is my "project between projects." I am working on several other projects such as hats and scarves for the kiddies for winter and rasta tams.  I am even going to do another tote.  Once this afghan is finished I am going to work on tapestry crochet and knooking as my "in between" ventures.  Stay tuned.