Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Visor Hat and Crochet Earrings

I completed this hat last night.  I wasn't sure how the colors would turn out on the hat; however, it came out pretty nicely.  I was debating on whether to make it a drawstring hat.  I still have a bit of the warm yellow left over so I will probably make a striped version of this with a drawstring later this week.

This is presently on sale in my artfire store!

I posted these crochet earrings when I was preparing for the Crafty Feast.  They are a beautiful set and finally gave me a use for the beautiful crochet thread that I had sitting around.  These are now for sale in my artfire store also.  I am definitely going to do a pair in pink.  My niece commandeered a similar pair in pink that had swarovski crystals dangling in the middle...they were really beautiful.