Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sewing a Liner

I don't own a sewing machine.  Perhaps I should; however, it is a much more costly investment if one isn't handed down to you.  I remember some things from my youth when my mother, grandmother and godmother used to sew so I'm not completely out of the loop (ha ha crochet pun).  I think it is a patience thing, although that is really no excuse.  I can spend hours crocheting the smallest thread yarn and yet the thought of weaving a needle back and forth through fabric is daunting to me.  I decided to conquer this.

Now my husband is supposed to be doing this but I'm going to beat him to the punch.  He did buy the ball point pins I wanted and I already had needles and thread.  My husband cut out the fabric a bit larger than the bag piece.  I shaped it and pinned it down the way I wanted it to go and now it is time to sew it.

What kind of stitch is good for sewing a liner?  I'm hand sewing so this is a very relevant question.  I know how to knot and thread a needle.  My grandmother had me doing it all the time although I swear her eyesight was better than mine.  I can even sew a button courtesy of one of my professors in college.

Long story short, I'm at a lost.  So I google it.  Success at!

This tutorial made it so easy I feel silly for even feeling hesitant about doing it.  Now my attempt isn't perfect, per se; however, it has given me the best results I've ever had with lining bags.

This is the finished lining.  I'm very happy with these results.   Although it is hard to tell by the photos the liner is a rich dark green.  The bottom pics are closer to true color.  I am very pleased.  I will post the finished bag later.