Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thing A Day and Gift

Let's see, what have I been up to?  Thing a Day continues in the form of a gift for a coworker.  She was nice enough to do me a huge favor and refused to accept any gift I attempted to customarily give.  So what do I do?  She is a HUGE Tennessee Volunteers fan.  Her entire work area is decked out with Vols memorabilia.  Her husband is a Gamecock fan and half of her car is decorated in Gamecock memorabilia and the other half in Vols.  Well I knew that her gift would have to be related to that so I decided to make a T pillow.  I made up the design as I went along and wrote it out and I think it came out quite nicely.

This was my progress as of last night.  I had already started on the other side when I took this, about half way completed.

Here is the completed Vols T.  I like how it came out. It's about 14 inches tall.

I wrote out the entire pattern and who knows may offer it for sale one of these days.
Here is the other side in white.

I plan on putting it on her desk when she is out to lunch so she would be surprised when she comes back.  She'll know it's from me.

A stuffed crochet star in sport weight yellow baby yarn completed with a 3.25 hook.  I gave this to the kids and the first they they wanted to do was sell it.  I plan on doing another one in worsted weight with a larger hook around the 5/5.5 range.  This would make a great pillow.