Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's been going on?

Life.  In between crafting and art, life goes on with all of its various ups and downs.  The best laid plans are usually laid asunder (hence my aversion to definitive plans).  You can't predict sickness, auto issues, or technological failures, you just have to roll with the proverbial punches when they occur.

That being said I did  manage to get some crafting done around the unpredictability of life.

Basketweave stitch bracelet.  I made this out of this beautiful jade green yarn I had purchased from Ben Franklin's in NC last year sometime. 
I was interested in trying this stitch for awhile and I think I like it although I will try it with a bigger hook and larger yarn next time.

It took the better part of a week but I finally came to a satisfactory stopping point with this 9 pointed star baby afghan.  I had to take it a little slow so I could get enough skeins (took 3.5 so far) and also it got a little boring too, which is why I rarely do blankets.  I am pleased with how this came out and eventually will use the remaining 1.5 skeins to make it bigger.  I misplaced the pattern I used but the pattern was for a 12 pointed star...I shortened it to 9.

I made this G (for Gracie) and will make an N and a C for her sisters as gifts.  Keeping the G in shape was a challenge so I have a length of yarn connecting the top of the G and the line portion to prevent it from twisting.

If I work consistently these take the better part of three days to make one.  A more realistic figure would be four to five days given life and my propensity of working on more than one project.

I love making these pillows.  I am contemplating putting them for sale but they would make great swap items.  Speaking of which, I recently completed a swap with a great and talented young lady from Canada.  I sent her the K pillow made previously.  She sent me this BEAUTIFUL sewn craft bag.  It looks professional!  She's sooooo talented.  She also made a matching yarn pouch with a drawstring.  To add to all fo this awesomeness she sent some great yarn!  A yarn called Araucania that has to be some of the best feeling wool I've ever felt.  I've only ever worked with merino wool (which I love) but I will have to look into this more.  She also sent two skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky wool which I have never worked with but can't wait to!  I am looking for a pattern for it now.  For my stepdaughter she sent a few skeins of Lily's cotton with a pattern for a granny square purse.  She's a little under the weather but she was excited to hear about getting new yarn...she's just as bad about yarn as I am (lol).  I am working with Red Heart Baby Econo in baby blue to make some alphabet cushions B-O-Y.  The Y is completed and I'll work on the O next.  I'm going to throw a hat or two in the mix and build up my artfire store some more.  As for Thing A Day, I've been keeping true to it.  I haven't been "completing" a thing a day but I have been working everyday whether it is on a letter or a blanket.