Monday, February 14, 2011

Share A Square and Thing A Day

These two go hand and hand :-).

Share A Square 2010 is an initiative in which thousands of granny squares are collected to create afghans for children that are sick with cancers and other illnesses.  They are aiming to collect 12,000 six inch granny squares to create afghans (80 squares per afghan) roughly 150 afghans.  For each square we are to send a tag with our name and our location in the world.  The last I checked over 8000 squares were collected.

Naturally, of course, I cannot think of a better way to utilize my crochet skills.  All the years I have crocheted I have never actually done a granny square.  The one I was tempted to try (to make a bookbag) I lost interest in.  Well I hunkered down and completed some granny squares to send.

Click the picture for more information.
 I made two of the white ones with the pink hearts
 and one of the brown and white ones.  I saw a pattern while I was searching that I may do that has a flower design incorporated into the pattern.  I did these over the weekend so these double also for my Thing A Day.

This hat is a WIP for my husband.  He picked up the gray toned yarn and said, "Make me a hat with this."  He wanted the brim to be that design with a stripe.  I still have to finish the brim...the plastic hasn't been inserted yet.  He likes it so that's that.

Thing A Day may be cooled the next few days as I intend to catch up on some reading but I may do a drawing or two.  I'll see.