Friday, February 11, 2011

My Children's New Artfire Store!

 My 7 year old son and ten year old stepdaughter have opened up their own artfire!  They have gotten into loom knitting thanks to my curiosity.  They caught on to it pretty quickly and were knitting hats in no time.  They have gotten so good that they decided it was time to start selling their wares.  I asked them what they wanted to be called and they said The Fantastic Knitters.  They are sooo excited about it.  They even took their own photos!

My son took this...he has a knack for composition (even though I am not a fan of centralized compositions as a whole).  I love how the head is teetering towards the right edge of the drum and the contrast of the white and the teal.  Kid has a good eye.  This is his Teal Blue Spring Cap

My stepdaughter took this one.  I love the skewed composition.  They really got the hang of using my Fuji camera.  This is her Baby Blue Boy's Hat.  She used her doll (isn't that a beautiful doll?) as a model for her infant/toddler hats.  I'm really proud of them.  They are making new things everyday and we are just waiting for a sunny day to take more pictures.

Their site is