Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Busy, busy! Thing A Day...

I decided to enter the Thing A Day blog this year.  Incidentally (as I suspected) I have been unable to keep up with the requirement of posting a picture everyday of what I have made; however, I have been able to make a "thing a day" so to speak.  Especially if you count work in progresses.

So it began on February 1st and here is what I have made in no particular order:

A stuffed A soft pillow.  I've only seen one seller online that makes these this way but she doesn't sell the pattern and I don't plan on selling it either.  After I get finished having fun making letters I'm going to make numbers and symbols.  I looovvveee doing this.  I used worsted weight yarn and a size 4 hook.  It is roughly 10-12 inches in height and stuffed with polyfill.

I plan on spelling B-A-B-Y in baby pink and here is the B.  LOVE IT.  I provided the drums for size comparison.  The one to the right is roughly 12 inches and the big one in the back is the size of a standard medium djembe drum.

The Y. Don't you just love Times New Roman?  Serifs are fun.  It didn't take long to make the Y.  Now there is one more A and B left before this goal is reached.

Here's a J.  It was a random choice but it made my short list of interesting letters right up there with Z, S, G and R.  Yeah, I need to find new hobbies.

I intend to make a really big C for Carolina in garnet and black to bring to local setups so folks can take pictures with it.

Crochet donuts.  I followed a pattern I found at crochetville to create these.  The pink one is filled with jingle bells and if made with the right kind of yarn these would make great cat/dog toys.

Yeah, so I had some requests for custom visor hats, an off white hat and a black hat.  Here they are.

I made several sales on my artfire and ebay in January and February.

Out of sheer curiosity I made one of these Victorian beaded flowers.  It is very simple but very time consuming.  I don't anticipate making any more of these in the future as I do not have a copious supply of beads or wire (or patience!).  This isn't a project I anticipate doing very much (if ever again) in the future.

This pretty much covers everything I worked on and completed the last 8 days.

I am currently working on a pillow.  I am making up the pattern as I go along.  It is of a bone...I couldn't find a bone pattern online that fit my specifications.  It is baby pink and I spelled out PUPPY in white letters and I plan on having a heart (or the words LOVE) on the back part of the pillow...I haven't gotten there yet so I am still undecided.  I made some stitchmarkers also over the weekend.  I have a hat in progress that is black and gold and made from merino wool.  That is the extent of my projects for the moment and there is a shawl on the horizon that is itching to be made.  I will try to update here often especially since I do intend to create a thing a day even if it is a drawing or a poem.