Monday, August 9, 2010

Local Vendor's Market

Yesterday I set up at the local flea market here.  I do this every now and then whenever time permits (or I am able to get up really early on a Sunday).  Anyways despite my early start, we didn't get out there until a little after ten so we had this rush to set up and get everything organized.  The thing about reserving a spot is that you never know who your neighbors are until you get there.  Our neighbors  were loud, disrespectful (using profane language around my babies!), and just plain disdainful.  My husband said they wouldn't be out there long so don't worry about it (easier said than done!).  Sure enough they attracted enough attention gambling and playing cards that they were cleared out by security not too long after.  I noticed that there was a reduction in the crowds but it didn't really hamper our sales.

This Visor Slouch hat sold and has been removed from my online artfire store.  The same lady that bought this commissioned me for a navy blue hat to be made in the same style so I am presently working on that now.  I anticipate having it done or mostly done by tomorrow.  This hat had gotten a lot of attention so I may do more in this style in the future.

The reception we got to our items was a lot stronger yesterday than they had been previously and I almost regret closing my Moya Arts store online so soon.  I am looking into my Moyartic site for refinement to start relisting some of my inventory.

This was our setup.  We had so many things with just a table to work with so we did what we could.  I wasn't anticipating anything beyond interest in our Egyptian items; however, our Hathor statuette was bought as well as several of our brass cuffs.  Naturally jewelry sold.  You can catch glimpses of the kiddies in a few of these :-).

We ran into a nice lady who had some of her husband's artwork.  His work can be found HERE.  We purchased a print of one of the pieces.  His work is some of the best examples of digital art I've seen in a long while.  One of my favorite vendors there is a book seller.  She knows books and we got to talking about our favorite black authors, Octavia Butler and Gloria Naylor mainly.  Her selection of rare and out of print books would astound you.

Overall I enjoy going and meeting new folks and such.  The girls enjoyed themselves.  I bought them a huge book of Mother Goose from the book seller and they spent a good portion of the time laughing at it. 

Other than the commission, I'm not doing too much crocheting these days.  I am working off and on on the blanket and on a skirt using some bamboo wool.  It takes a great deal of time and so does art.  I've become enthused about a new method of doing ACEOs so a lot of my time is being spent exploring that.  I have to divide my time to really make progress on both as well as work full time and take care of the kiddies.  No worries...multi-tasking is my thing.