Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crochet Projects

I devoted this weekend to crocheting.  I was inspired by the crochet section at the SC State Fair.  I'm definitely entering.  I've decided I am going to enter one of my swirl caps and a cape.  Now I have never done a cape before so I decided to experiment.  The skirt was a no go and I got tired of frogging it so I decided to use that yarn for the cape.  Unfortunately I ran out of the yarn and the store (where I bought every skein they had left) no longer carried that color (boo!).  So I picked up a pretty bamboo wool gold in the same brand and tried to decide how to do it.  This is what I came up with.

Starting Point should be realized by now that I never follow a pattern to save my life.  I liked the cape/shawl/turtleneck idea.  Thing is I'm not a fan of turtlenecks.  I do like cowls but not the real ruffly kinds just a roll or two.  I never crocheted a cowl before neither so this was going to be an interesting test of my winging it skills.  Also it's length was putting me off.  To me a capelet's supposed to be an alternate addition not the entire fashion statement.  Considering I have never actually worn one I may not be the authority on it though, lol.
Finished cape

Camera phones are funny and temperamental.  Hopefully that isn't a reflection of their respective users :-). 

Finished cape---I like it.

When it was finished I realized I had bought too much gold so I decided to use the tiny bit of rust red and the gold up into hats.  Even though it is supposedly aran weight this yarn is actually pretty fine for my kind of hats so there is some slouch but virtually none if you have a lot of hair.  Depends on how you wear them I suppose.  I'm going to make a gold one for myself :-).

Sunshine Gold Slouch Cap I now have for sale in my artfire store.   A beautiful hat.

Sunshine Gold and Warm Red Visor Slouch Cap.  This will be for sale once I get a better photo of it.  Not super slouch but with more give than a beanie.  I now have a small amount of both colors left so I would probably make a flower embellishment for the cape with that.


DEB said...

Hard to believe summer is almost over and soon we'll all be needing these crocheted pieces!