Friday, August 13, 2010

Current WIP - Skirt

I have frogged this skirt a million times!  It is really beautiful the way it is coming out except for the joining portion.  The pattern really isn't all that helpful in explaining it and I am about to call it quits on it.  The skirt is from this book HERE.  You can see by the details it is really nice and would be flattering...if only I could get the joining portion correct.  (Forgive the crappy camera phone pics!)

I will frog it one more time and if I can't get it right then I will find something else to make with this beautiful yarn.  It is Red Heart Eco-Ways Bamboo Wool in Rust.  It is great to crochet with and I am glad it was on sale...$1.67 a skein! 

See pic to the right for the problematic joining section.  Atleast I made it a little bit further down before it started to get all funky on me.  I can't really discern when the problem will occur until after a few rows, then I'm kicking myself. 

I made no leeway last night as I came straight home and went to sleep after work.  I didn't get up until this morning.  I hate that I lost a night of productivity but I was just plumb exhausted.

The SC State Fair is coming up!  I miss the deadline every single year.  Some of its procrastination...ok most of it.  Last year it was the requirements that got me.  This year I have met all of their requirements for entering some of my artwork.  I will be entering the professional division and I'm debating just putting in one of my pre-existing pieces or making something completely new.  I have until September 1st (September 10th for late registration).  I will most likely update my arts blog with any new artworks but I'll post my decision here.

While perusing their site I found a section for crochet crafts!  I never knew they had one...I never seemed to make it pass the art exhibits in years past.  I'm contemplating whether I should enter...they even have a section for thread crafts.  Decisions, decisions.