Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A few days, a few projects

First things first.  I went to a local shop, Sid and Nancy, in a local area shopping district, Five Points, with some of my wares to sell.  They were well received and I ended up commissioning four of my Soft Swirl Caps and two of my visor caps.  I was pleasantly surprised that a pair of my soft elegance earrings had sold also (yay!).  I'm going to see how well my hats do here before making a summer line in cotton.

Anywho here are the craft projects I've been working on:

This is a hat I posted previously that I was making for my husband.  I finally put the canvas into the visor and finished it up for him.

My stepdaughter made some leeway with the granny square bag and is presently working on the handles (with my help and guidance of course).  I like how it came out even if it is a little loud.  The yarn makes its own pattern with the squares.

Warm Black Around Town Crochet Cap.  This will go up for sale in my artfire shop soon.  I love this yarn and the way it came out.

Cotton Around Town Summer Cap

I went to Michaels a few days back and found this beautiful cotton yarn in Wild Berry on sale.  It is the Loops and Thread brand and is really soft, even softer than Lily's, which is the off-white yarn that is used. 

I'm more than likely going to work on more drawings for awhile.