Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Artfire Item!

I have a new item in my artfire:  The Earth Goddess Crochet Rasta Tam/Slouch Hat with Matching Earrings!

When I saw the green yarn I had to buy it!  It was a near perfect match for this beautiful jade green yarn I had purchased in NC last year.  I substituted the faces I normally use for a cowrie shell.  It features a drawstring cap to make the tam adjustable with cowrie cord stops. I absolutely love the earrings.  They were originally done like the hat but the green and brown were too similar so I did them like this.

I was working on a few other projects also.  Here is my long list (pictures to come later):

*   A thread crochet halter dress (I'll probably make it a top since my progress has been so slow).
*   A thread crochet top (the yarn is really fun!) 
*   A basketweave purse.  I was originally following a pattern, however I deviated away from it so much I ended up with something new!  I'll post the purse and maybe the pattern later.
*   A knit circular shrug.  I don't knit much and this project is a prime example as to why not.  I knit very slowly because it bores me after awhile.  I'm a little over halfway done so I am trying to find the inspiration to finish it.
*  A knit leg warmer set.  This is a more interesting project because it includes some techniques beyond knit and purl.  I've had to restart three times because of twisted stitches...they will be really nice once I get going.
*   A crochet H.  I made this for my kindergarten baby's teacher and didn't take a picture before I gave it to her.  I have to work on a crochet M pillow next for her other teacher.
*   Various crochet earrings.

The pink pair are one of the newer pairs that I have made.  The ankh ones were made a long time ago.  My niece commandeered my last pink ones.  These feature beautiful pink glass beads and swarovski's crystals.