Monday, April 25, 2011

Various projects

Remember Thing-A-Day?  Well even though I haven't posted I have worked on a "thing-a-day" consistently.  Between drawing, crocheting, knitting, and writing I have definitely kept up the crafty spirit of the "thing-a-day" mission.

That being said I have several things I have been doing.

First of all, stitchmarkers!

I did these amber stitchmarkers.  Stitchmarkers come in handy when you are working on big projects so I always like having several handy.

Letter stitchmarkers.  I would have made one that said crochet; however I couldn't get all of the beads to fit on my head pin.  I love these.

I ran out of things to do, obviously.  I've been knitting (or attempting to knit) lately so these seemed appropriate.  Funny I haven't done one single purl as my project called for a garter stitch.

Well here is my knit project:

I am making an earring holder.  I have an empty black frame that would make a great earring holder.  Crochet isn't too conducive (in my opinion) to being a holder without employing some kind of mesh pattern and those tend to be a distraction from the earrings.

I tried but got really irritated of the stitches so I cut it off early.

I placed some earrings on it to see how it would look.  I'm happy with it.  I nailed it to the back for lack of a better idea of how to get it on there.

I made one commissioned hat from the Saturday before last that I will deliver to the customer this weekend.  I also did this project.  I won't post for the sake of keeping my blog g-rated lol.  I may work on a swimsuit in the future.