Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ongoing projects

This is the crochet hook holder that I had worked on.  It is much better in cotton and sturdier.  I will probably make another took roughly an hour or so to make it.  The pattern?  I just made a sc rectangle with a shell border on three sides, a long chain with a cowrie shell attached to the end for the enclosure...can't get any simpler than that.

 I made this crochet mesh cap.  Since this was a practice one I made it for myself to at least see where I can  improve it.  The ribbed brim really stretches so I will probably make less rows than 72.  I did this in a 4 (G) hook which works fine...I think I will want more slouch in the future so I'll probably just change the hook size for the body or add more rows for longer hair.  It's cooler than a hat.  Will I sell them in my artfire?  Maybe once I improve the pattern.   I will make a few more tams.  I am interested in doing another Africa tam with a drawstring and the older style brims I used to do.

I am working on some baby koalas.  I received a call towards the end of March from my alma mater.  They want to renovate the freshman dorm and quite frankly that renovation was long overdue.  I offered to donate my baby koalas with purple scarves and two C's embroidered into them to the college surcie shop with all the proceeds going to support renovating the freshman dorm.  Koalas are the school's mascot.  The director of alumnae affairs loved the idea so I'm going to meet with her next week about it. 

I attended the Columbia College senior show yesterday.  It was a great show.  I spoke with my old professors and some of the students that I knew.  I finally picked up a package from one of them that I was supposed to have gotten nearly a year ago.  Well I don't make it over there very often, the college is not near where I live or work.  The kids always love going to shows not for the art but for the food.  Can't much blame them though lol.

Last weekend we had taken them to the Columbia International Festival.  They thoroughly enjoyed that.    I hadn't been to one since high school so I was looking forward to it also.  We were given passports at the door and had to visit the exhibits to get signatures or stamps from the representatives there.

 This was a Native American show that took place on the center stage.
 Isn't this a gorgeous crochet hat?  This was at the South African exhibit.  I love the stitch.

The picture to the right was the Turkey exhibit.
 To the left is part of the Phillippines exhibit and the picture to the right is from the Mexico exhibit.

This picture shows the kids with the Chinese panda.  It was really cute.  There was a little girl, no more than four or five, that was signing the passports for China.  When she signed my six year old's my six year old told her "thank you" in Mandarin Chinese.  Boy was that little girl surprised!  There was a gorgeous parrot at the Australia exhibit.  It was pink and light gray and I had never seen one like it.  A beautiful bird.  So many interesting items and great people.  We even got to see the parade of countries.  We had a great time.