Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Projects, Crochet Bunnies, Flowers, Hair Pins and Cuffs

One of my little one's had a birthday this weekend...she turned six!  Time goes by faster than you think...I still remember her as a laughing baby kicking her feet and propelling herself across the kitchen in her car seat lol.  She used to suck on her two middle fingers.  Too funny!  Anywho she has grown into a beautiful little girl who loves to laugh and who loves bunnies!  Now I had come across a free pattern for Love Bunnies not too long ago and I knew this would be perfect.  True to form I naturally could not stick to a pattern.  I don't think it is possible for me to do so.

This is my rendition of the Love Bunny.  The ears and body are bigger and I used a larger hook to make it pretty solid.  For lack of pellets or beans I filled a stocking with rice to stuff the bottom.  A nice solid, squishy feel.  I didn't put on a face...children have great imaginations.  She loved it!  I didn't finish them until Monday night.  On her birthday I got her what she had wanted, a Ni hao Kailan doll.  Ironically enough when she got a hold of this bunny she pretty much abandoned Kailan lol.  She plays with them both now.  The bunny is the baby!

I also worked on some crochet flower hair pins.  I am contemplating putting them for sale in my artfire.  I made them in a bunch of colors in different sizes.  I love how they came out and they would look lovely in anyone's hair.  I placed claw clips in the back anchored with jewelry glue and felt.  This is a lot cleaner and doesn't disturb the stitching.

I also worked on some arm bands/cuffs.  I rather like them and so do the kids.  I am working on helping them improve their crochet skills so they could make their own to sell if they like.  They like the idea of being little entrepreneurs (so do I!).  I've been very busy over the weekend and Labor Day.  We had a blast on Sunday for my six year old's birthday.  We went to the flea market, the park, and to Frankie's Fun Park.  We ended the day shopping for her cake and toy.  My feet were killing me lol.  My husband had been playing football with the older ones...the little ones could run forever it seems.  A good day.  THe girls below (birthday girl is in yellow).