Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Post for the New Year!

While this is my first post for the new year, I have been busy crafting,drawing, writing, and some of everything else.  My oft abandoned blog is far more deserving of attention.

I got a new mannequin head...I think displaying my hats on this would be far more effective and true to form than the plain white heads.
Here she is modeling part of my luxury feel hats line---Bamboo wool Hat and neckwarmer.  I will take better pictures in the future as I wait for another sunny day.   I love working with bamboo feels soooooo good.

I am presently stash busting.  Somewhat.  I still gave in and bought some Sublime yarn at a new yarn shop I discovered last weekend and some yarn called In LineJava.  I've made a similar hat and neckwarmer set like this one and using the remaining yarn to make a pattern similar to the dashiki by Afya Ibomu in her book Get Your Crochet On! Fly Tops.  I did some of my own modifications of course.  I have eight skeins of this dark green beautiful yarn...I had no idea what it was.  The lady in the shop told me it was an acrylic/nylon/wool blend and felt/looked very similar to the Sublime yarn which it did. She gave me some very valuable information in regards to what yarns to use for the summer and she had a very surprising admission which I will blog about in the future.

In the meantime here is a photo array of what I have been doing:

I will have to take a picture in the future that gives this beautiful scarf some justice.  I made up a simple shell pattern that is relatively common.  The color gradations in the yarn worked perfectly.  It was about 80% complete here.  It is a little over five feet long and seven inches wide.  It is so nice I have been considering entering it into the state fair this year.  I attempted making some hats but it wasn't working out very well.  Some armwarmers or fingerless gloves perhaps?

This was completed right before Christmas as a commission through my artfire site.  She specifically requested a black and white drawstring cap and earrings with the cowrie shell.  She loved it!

I loved how the earrings came out.  I can see this in a number of colors.

Afro women leather pendants.  I did these some time ago but haven't painted them yet.  They are drawn in ballpoint ink.  Since the last one got so much attention at my last set up (and sold) I decided to do more. Oh for the time and space!

Camo and black slouch brim cap and earrings.  I did one like  this in red also.  I have made hats into the double digits so far that I need to take pictures of.  There's one more thing I ordered that I am waiting for before I take pictures and reopen my artfire store.   Hopefully it will be here soon so I can aim for a February 1st opening. 

I have many more items to post...once I get the pictures. Stay tuned!