Friday, July 15, 2011

More cute Amigurumi Puppies

I completed these two little guys in the past couple of days.  First the Dalmatian, then the Carolina Blue and White Pup.

I have an idea for my new pups (and coming soon friends)!  I am working on the website now and some design overhauls.  These will remain the pioneers...they are so darn cute!  Carolina Blue here belongs to my hubby as I made it for him.  The Dalmatian is well-liked and I've already had a few offers!

Like I said I have plans for these guys and I will post real soon about them.

Do you knook?  I am working on various techniques.  There is relatively little out there to help out us burgeoning knook lovers so I am constantly at work developing ways to do it.  I am working on a market bag pattern right now.  Is it easy?  Not's just figuring it all out for the time being.  I'll post really soon!