Sunday, November 7, 2010

Drawing update

Don't worry I've been crocheting too!  I am working on a hooded cowl (my first!) in my down time.

I finished up the grisaille painting:

I'm semi-pleased.  Overall I like it.  I wasn't going for too much detail since these were studies.  I really love the eyes and the overall form and composition of the piece.  I think I could afford to flesh out the nose area more but I'm not going to touch it again. 

I have started working on another piece that is 11 x 14 (the above one is 8 x 10).  Here is the freehand drawing on canvas board.  I used an image from hcptcar on flickr (creative commons):

I will use an underpainting with the local color on this one.  This is the way I painted with oils most in the past.  I'll probably get started on the painting in a few days, perhaps after I finish my cowl :).