Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Projects over the past week...

I haven't been doing too much in the past week.  We were supposed to set up on Saturday and Sunday at a venue but it had quite different items than I had to sell at a much lower price point so I chose against it.  We did find some really cool items though.  My kids got a really cool vintage Scooby Doo metal lunch box (with wheels that really move) for just $3.  We got a Connect Four Game (love that game) for a quarter and Scrabble for $1.  I found some really cool vintage books (they were .15 in their prime), 3 for $2...still a steal.  One was from 1957!  I got a few more vintage books and dictionaries and one of my favorite things that day: a vintage illuminated globe ($2).  It still worked too!  I will post pictures of these cool items at a later time (I'm charging the phone and the camera batteries presently).  Scooby Doo gets more play than anything though lol.

Anywho I did some crocheting in the past week.  First up is this crochet cotton handbag.  It took me a total of two and a half paprika and one camel colored Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. It took the better part of two days to complete but I was happy with it.  I will probably use cotton yarn for my totes in the future.  It doesn't stretch too much and seems to be very sturdy.  Once I get some better pictures of it (my little photographer tried lol) I will probably post to my artfire

I found this beautiful grey acrylic yarn by Impeccable (found at Michael's on sale).  I made a slouch visor hat.  I am using the remaining yarn to knit (yes knit!) a crochet hook holder.  It's just going to be a circular pouch with a button to seal it...a knit/crochet/sewing hybrid.  I'm making it up as I go along.  I will post this on my artfire very soon!  What else did I find on sale?  At AC Moore, I got the last skein of Patons Classic Merino Wool.  It was disappointing I couldn't find more but hey I'll take what I can get at a great price.  I got some TLC Essentials (never tried it before) in a dark plum.  I discovered this yarn called Caron Rhapsody at my local Dollar Tree.  Never seen it before and the other yarns I've seen by Caron are wonderful.  I haven't used it yet and don't know what to make of it.  You don't get a whole lot just 2 ounces.  It is 80% acrylic and 20% polyester.  I never used any yarn made with polyester before.  I'll see what I can do with it in awhile.  If any of my readers out there happen to be in the vicinity of a Dollar Tree it's worth checking out.  It is very similar to Caron Simply Soft with a nice shimmer.